Thursday, November 5, 2009

m in Egypt first.

m in Egypt first.
Proof has been found that hennwas used to stain the fingers and toes of Pharaohs prior to mummification over 5000 years ago when it was also used as a cosmetic and for its healing power. The mummification process took 70 days and as the Egyptians were diligent in planning for their deaths and their rebirth in the afterlife, they became quite obsessed with the preservation process. The Egyptians believed that body art ensured their acceptance into the afterlife and therefore used tattooing and mehndi to please the gods and guarantee a pleasant trip.
MehndiThe henna used for mehndi comes from a bush called Lawsonia Inermis which is part of the loose strife family and is grown in the Sudan, Egypt, India, most of the North African countries, the Middle East and other hot and dry places. The bush is also grown in Florida and California for it

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