Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ck Mehndi, then you can always go

ack Mehndi, then you can always go for the colorful Mehndi designs that can match up to your dress. The strenuous effort that goes in the creation of this magic can be washed out in a week time, as the color then begins to fade. But it is only the sign saying that your hands are ready for the next cosset. You will be surprised to learn that Henna in literal sense is past of dry leaves, to make the colour more stronger few more natural ingredients are added, followed by the precautions that everybody will instruct you, like keep your Mehndi away from water, apply mustard oil to highlight the color and so on. This clearly reflects the mythological as well as cultural importance of this art that has been in practice since times immemorial.
Today the art of Mehndi has undergone a quantum leap with so many Hollywood stars adopting this trend to add that extra zing to their looks, its popularity can be seen worldwide.
Get pampered in the wonderful experience amidst the intoxication aroma of the Mehndi oil and the rich and earthly smell of the Henna. Apply Mehndi and enjoy this peaceful time when you can lie on your couch and excuse yourself of a day's work. Do not wait, as this y

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