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Henna, also known as Mehndi

Henna, also known as Mehndi, is a brown paste, that when applied to the skin leaves a rich auburn semi permanent stain that lasts for many days, and sometimes, weeks. It used to be that henna was only used in cultural, or religious ceremonies. Nowadays, people all over the world incorporate henna into their special events. Henna is mostly applied to the hands, feet, nape, back, shoulders, etc. basically anywhere you would put a regular tatoo. Typically, henna designs are lacy, geometric, floral & bold. The paste is kept on the skin for about 4 to 6 hours in order to ensure a bold, rich & long lasting stain. For an elegant Throughout the wedding festivities, the bride's sisters will attempt to steal and hide the groom's shoes. The groom must gift them with money and jewelry, should he desire to get them back and go home with his bride. The responsibility is placed on the groom's brothers and friends to protect his shoes so his wallet isn't emptied. The groom's family has yet to win at a Wadehra wedding

•Henna shows up differently on every

•Henna shows up differently on every part of the body, achieving a lovely wild cherry or mahogany colour on the soles of the feet and a lighter colour on the upper arm or shoulder
•In South Asian weddings the ‘Mehndi Night’ is an important pre-wedding function, attended by all the women relations and friends of the bride. Men are not generally part of this event. In many cultures the groom’s family sends the henna (specially prepared and beautifully wrapped) to the bride before the wedding
•It is believed that the deeper the colour of the mehndi on the bride’s hands, the stronger the love between husband and wife. Some believe that a dark colour means that she’ll be much loved by her mother-in-law, while others say, that it is an auspicious omen indicating being loved by the new family
•Bridal motifs include symbols of love, fertility, loyalty, prosperity and good luck
•Romantic brides embed their husband’s initials in an intricate design, which he has to find on the wedding night

•During the HinThe Mehndi ceremony is held at the home of the bride on the eve of the wedding ceremony or a couple of days before it. The female relatives of the girl anoint her with turmeric paste to bring out the glow in her complexion. A relative or a Mehndiwali applies Mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride. The event has a festive feel to it with the women singing traditional songs. The bride wears sober clothes. According to custom she must not step out of the house for the next few days until her marriage. The bride's cousins sometimes apply a dot of Mehndi on the palm of the groom.

Wedding Rituals

du festival of ‘karva chauth’ each year, married women apply henna

week, whereas the average

joy is readily evident from the messages for you in the guestbook. The many entries in the guestbook caused my account to go over its limit and the guestbook got deleted. I am trying to recover some of the lost entries! The Ismaili Web has taken a thousand hits every day this past week, whereas the average has been about 200 hits a day. All the children and ladies applied Mendi today in preparation for the Dandia Raas on Saturday. The news has made its impact on our hearts and lives..

Please visit us soon with the Noorani Children, Ameen.
Begum Inaara is Royalty and so is our beloved Hazar Imam, not only descended

sari with a tie-up choli is a popular choice.

sari with a tie-up choli is a popular choice.

Have music at your party. Ask some of your girlfriends to perform a dance, or song for you and your guests.

3) Cater food for the party in advance - do not only have finger food. Ideally, the henna is done in the evening, so plan on catering food for dinner. Be sure to have adequate drinks on hand.

4) Decorations is also a key item to think about. Try theme decorations - Indian style or otherwise. Something that creates warm and inviting atmosphere would be a great idea.

For more on what happens at a henna (mehndi) night pary, please read

Professional Bridal Henna Mehndi Designs

The ceremony is mostly held at bride's place or sometimes in a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. On this occasion a professional henna designer or some relative applies mehendi to the bride's hands and feet. There are few places in India where it is a ritual that the first motif of henna or mehendi is applied by the bride's sister-in-law whereas there are some places where the first mehendi motif is said to be auspicious if applied by bride's mother.

Mehndi Designs for Indian

The Mehndi (henna) is one of the most important and fun pre-wedding rituals in an Indian wedding. The henna party is celebration of relaxation, friendship, culture, music, usually for the close female relatives and friends of the bride.

A professional henna artist will create intricate designs on the bride's hands and feet. Female guests at the henna party may also get simpler designs done by the henna artist's assistants.

The henna (mehndi) that is applied on the bride is temporary, and not permanent. Henna powder is mixed with essential oils and lemon juice to create a paste. The paste is then applied to the skin and left to dry, undisturbed, for 1-3 hours. After the paste scrapes off, the Henna tattoo will proceed to darken over the next 24 to 48 hours. Henna stains the top couple layers of the skin, and it fades as these layers naturally exfoliate.

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Mehndi is a festive wedding

Mehndi is a festive wedding tradition that has held strong in Indian culture. Imdian wedding is no complete without the Mehendi. Mehndi being a part of our rich tradition has its own important and touchy place. Mehndi designs have traditionally fallen into four different styles are Arabic designs, Magalia Styles, baby designs, and Indian Bridel Designs. Here some arabic mehndi designs, beautiful Indian, and Pakistani mehndi designs that can help you put henNew Arabic mehndi design for hands with half floral style. This mehndi design is easy to draw for new designer you can also says that it's a simple mehndi designs for parties you can also say that its a new party and bridal mehndi designs. The Arms, hands and all fingers are covered with this stylish mehndi on your hands

Mehndi is a festive

Mehndi is a festive wedding tradition that has held strong in Indian culture. Imdian wedding is no complete without the Mehendi. Mehndi being a part of our rich tradition has its own important and touchy place. Mehndi designs have traditionally fallen into four different styles are Arabic designs, Magalia Styles, baby designs, and Indian Bridel Designs. Here some arabic mehndi designs, beautiful Indian, and Pakistani mehndi designs that can help you put henna on your hands

We ended up parking right in front of the

We ended up parking right in front of the building where the Diwali fest was to take place. Greeting us were hundreds of luminaries lining the sidewalks. Diwali is the Indian "Festival of Light", where according to Wikipedia, "the lights or lamps signify victory of good over the evil within every human being". It was simply BEAUTIFUL. Too bad I forgot to take a pic :( We ventured inside, set up shop and got to work.
It wasn't long before we had long line of eager Kenyon students. The celebration included music, food, dancing and a comedian (who BTW, was horrible). He was not only very NOT-funny, he told a few inappropriate "jokes" and remarked on how this was "the worst crowd he ever had". Go figure... It's sad when a comedian has to tell people it's OK to laugh! Thankfully, the students seemed to be thrilled at the super-sweet hennas we were giving them :)
Aside from having to sit through a train-wreck of a comedic performance, the night went well and we all had a great time. The students

All in all, the festival

All in all, the festival season went really well this year. I will say one thing though... I will not be doing any more community "Home Days" festivals. I had never done them before and tried a few this summer. TOTAL BUSTS. I felt more like a baby sitter than a henna artist. Ah well... live and learn.
I may do some indoor fests during the colder months, although nothing is set in stone at this point. I was asked to do one at the end of Oct, but I am still debating...

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with fellow henna artist and friend, Lily from Dayton She, along with my sister Andrea, helped me out with a big gig at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH for their annual Diwali celebration.
The day started off with an hour trip to Stow to hang with some fellow artists at Catherine Cartwright-Jones's house for the annual "Sling & Slack". Traveling with me was my loyal henna apprentice (and sis), Andrea. She has been helping with large events and is developing some mad skills. We met up with Lily at Catherine's house and stayed for a couple hours, killing time before the Kenyon gig.

Charlotte, Russ and

Charlotte, Russ and I then headed out to the park up the street. For $1.50 USD, we got a single order of beef tacos from a street vendor. You got 3 and they were filled with fresh cilantro, cheese, onions and a bit of hot sauce. Muy beno! We then headed over to a tamali place for MORE food!

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Mehndi. The Mehndi

- Mehndi. The Mehndi (known as Henna) is a temporary tattoo that the bride, family, and friends put on their hands and some on their feet on special occasions (particularly at weddings). I personally hate the smell of it, some people actually like it.

Mehandi Ceremony’

o a prospective bride for her D day is a altogether a different attraction. The ‘Mehandi Ceremony’ is awaited eagerly by all guests and family members of that bride. Accompanied by the folk songs and dance the aura of this ceremony enhances where the would be bride sits coyly and her friends apply mehandi on her palms while dance and sing. Besides wedding, festivals of Teej, Gangaur, Karva Chauth, Raks
uspiciousness to the family. It symbolizes good luck and prosperity. Today even the international tourists succumb to the temptation of henna. Many foreign females could be seen in Rajasthan sitting patiently to have that perfect motif of henna on their palms. It is said that the tradition of henna incepted in in Egypt for coloring fingertips, nails, palms, hands and the

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wear simple version of these mehndi

Pakistani mehndi designs are a merger of complex versions of Arabic and Indian mehndi designs. These designs are also much detailed and are worn by brides on mehndi, wedding. Even children wear simple version of these mehndi designs on Eid festival.

Compared with the complex

Compared with the complex Indian mehndi designs, Arabic designs are much simpler. Arabic designs mostly consist of leaves, veins, flowers etc. These designs are perfect candidate if you want to extend the design from hand to arm or from foot to leg.