Thursday, November 19, 2009

from India. Mehendi tradition has

edding in India is surrounded by cultures and traditions. Mehendi (heena) body art is also from India. Mehendi tradition has gained popularity all over tNow a days even tattoo artist consider all naturall means of resources where people ask for non-permanent designs as a body art. The good thing about mehendi is that it gets darkened by time so it leaves a strong mark with in 2-5 days and it gets lighten after daily wash, so it is not permanent. Mehendi is treated as a herbal medicine. Though mehendi is applied (according to indian tradition) on special ocassions only such as wedding or karvachauth (where bried keep fasts for her would be or husbands for his long life and they get blessings from god), it is into practice from the day one when the indian weeding get started. women get dressed with their weeding dress and prays in front of their husband and almighty god. One can only feel it when the person is actually practicing it. Such a lovely gesture. Everyone can see a glow on a brides/married women face whe world where it is a tattoo art done on body naturally or a tradition followed in an indi

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