Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mendie patterns. Understanding the need of t

e of the great things India is known for is the art of henna. Our mehndi artists boast off their intricate Mendie patterns. Understanding the need of the changing times and trends, our designs are inspired by other cultures and styles too, apart from the traditional Indian.
e take care that the most gorgeous moment of life is captured perfectly. Our best photographers and videographers with their lat
veryone recognizes the wonderful, sweet smell of cinnamon as a kitchen spice, however ;did you ever wonder about where it originated and what its purpose w
Cinnamon is a Greek word meaning sweet wood and is gathered off the dried inner bark of the branches of a small tropical evergreen tree. After the bark has been peeled off and dried it curls up into quills,what we know as the cinnamon sticks we use for baking or herbal teaest camera techniques captivate the fleeting magical moments in thei

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