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originated in the Middle

originated in the Middle East and South Asia. These henna tattoos are used as bridal decoration before weddings, and they stain the skin around a week or so. Create your own mehndi and enjoy Indian food and drink while we watch Bride and Prejudice–this Thursday from 6-8 pm in the Teenscape

Mehndi,= when =applied to the= hands,

Mehndi, when applied to the hands, is a very intricate pattern that resembles a tattoo, and it can extend up the arms to the elbow as well as from the foot to above the ankle in bridal mehndi. The color ranges from a light red-orange to nearly black

Mehendi (Mehndi) is associated to lots of things - a good dark design is a sign of good luck for the marital couple. It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the mehndi design; and the wedding night cannot commence until the groom has found the names. Some examples of popular traditional images used in mehndi designs are the peacock, which is the national bird if India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with a raised trunk

Mehndi designs have

Mehndi designs have traditionally fallen into four different styles. The Middle Eastern style is mostly made up of floral patterns similar to the Arabic textiles, paintings and carvings and do not usually follow a destinctive pattern. The North African style generally follows the shape of the hands and feet using geometrical floral patterns. The Indian and Pakistani designs encompass more than just the feet and hands and generally extend further up the appendages to give the illusion of gloves and stockings which are made up of lines, paisley patterns and teardrops. Lastly, the Indonesian and Southern Asian styles were a mix of Middle Eastern and Indian designs using blocks of color on the very tips of their toes and fingers. All of these styles remain popular today but have also been joined in popularity by celtic designs and chinese symbols. The point once again is to have fun with designs and experiment with them until you find something that you feel really passionate

Shema believes

Shema believes every woman has individuality and has an expression to make and So brings the best of you in all aspects of professional make-up, from Classic to runway make up and everything in between. We aim to create looks that are highly customized and tailored to enhance your personal style and the requirements of your event.

Shema is the leading Henna

Shema is the leading Henna Tattoo artist, with a unique creativity, years of experience. Our designs range from traditional, covering most of the hands and feet, to contemporary minimalist designs that are adorned by glitters and colors. Not everyone wants a permanent design or tattoo but with Mehandi you can invest in a unique design that is temporary alternative. The beauty of Mehandi is that unlike a tattoo there is no pain.


ondon's leading Henna and Mehndi artists, created by Khilna Shah know in the U.K. as the most upcoming henna and mehndi artist with the flair of creativity and the ability to use glitter and real gems to suit any wedding gown. Each Booking comes with a free consultation and trails can also be

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enna or Mehendi decoration and application

enna or Mehendi decoration and application is an ancient practice in India, Africa and The Middle East. Girls and women are the ones who generally use henna for beautification. This becomes a different affair during ceremonies, like marriage and other festivals.

The various figures, geometry and patterns symbolize their fertility, womanhood and nature. Henna (or 'Mehendi', the Indian namfe) is made from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). The leaves of the plant are dried and ground. The powder is mixed with water and various spices and oils to get a fine paste that is then applied to the skin. Once it hardens and peels off, it leaves an exotic reddish brown color on the skin.

You can get henna at an Indian Store or on the internet. Remember though, to get a packet from the latest batch. With just one packet of henna, you'll make enough paste for two dozen application or more.

Check out my henna recipe at

Before application make sure the skin is clean, dry and not oily with moisturizer or sun block lotion. If you want to color your nails too, remove nail polish from them. Be sure if you want your nails covered with henna because it will last long on nails. You can however get around with this by using nail polish again !

Palms, feet and foot soles take henna very well and stay longer. You may apply henna with a small stick, cone or a plastic appllicator-similar to a syringe but without any needle !
Symmetric and geometric shapes work best. Don't make the lines too thin, the color won't come on to your skin v

ere are few things I enjoy more in lif

ere are few things I enjoy more in life than having a tiny brown peacock on the palm of my hand.Henna, or mehndi as it’s called in Hindi, is the perfect compromise between a temporary tattoo and a permanent tattoo.
Temporary tattoos will flake (yuck) and wash off within a day, and permanent tattoos will never wash off (which is terrifying enough in itself), but henna stays on your skin for one to four weeks before fading away. It’s beautiful, it’s painless, it’s natural, and you can do it yourself.
Yep! You heard that right. Even if you have no artistic ability, henna is very forgiving, and most designs are abstract enough that you’ll be abl

Khilna Shah the founder of Mehndi

elcome to the innovative world of Henna & Mehndi art, combining fusion art from Arabic, Indian to Moghul designs.
Khilna Shah the founder of Mehndi Creations, is the new generation of mehndi artists, her unique techniques together with using her own blend of natural indredients for the mehndi, has created a henna colour with such depth that it will last for several days before fading.

Modelling Mehndi Art Design

Modelling Mehndi Art Design
Welcome to Mehndi Design Library.Finest Collection of Arabic Mehnid Designs,Bridal Mehndi Desings,Indian Mehndi Designs,Pakistani Mehndi dMehndi Creations specializes in quality Bridal Mehndi at an affordable price and also offers a variety of mehndi for all including corporate events, fashion shows, hen parties, mehndi nights, etc.esings and Henna Mndi Desings.For over 9000 years the art of henna painting has been practiced in Africa, India, and the Middle East to beautify the body. Also known as mehndi, it was traditionally practiced during important rites of passage, wedding ceremonies, and in times of great celebration. The plant itself was believed to bring love, good fortune, and protection against evil. A paste made from the crushed leaves of the henna plant mixed with pure essential oils and teas is applied to the skin, and when removed several hours later, it leaves beautiful intricate designs

Indian to Moghul. Mehnd

elcome to the innovative world of henna art & design, combining fusion designs from Arabic, Indian to Moghul. Mehndi Creations offers a highly personalised and bespoke service to suit your individual needs and budgets.
Mehndi Creations are a new generation of artists, using unique techniques together with natural ingredients for the mehndi, to add depth to its colour for your special occasions to last for days to come.
We at Mehndi Creations, are available for all occasions such as weddings, mehndi parties, hen parties, fashion shows & corporate events to name a few.
The Bridal Packages include:
The Classic Bridal Package: where less is more
The Elegant Bridal Package: where intricate art comes to life
The Star Bridal Package: a glamourous look sparkled with gems
The R

Mehndi, just like Moroccan

Mehndi, just like Moroccan Henna is also a safe way to temporary tattooing, that has been practiced in the East for centuries. Just like Moroccan and Arabic Henna, there is a whole history with traditions and cultural beliefs to it's application and the symbols of it's patterns. Also since the Mehndi is a natural herbal blend it soothes and conditions the skin.
The use of Mehndi Oil is widely adapted to help the dye take.
Mehndi decoration became fashionable in the West in the 1990 after many stars started designing it on their body as a fashion statement.

he Mehndi Artwork

he Mehndi Artwork Gallery given below are only Samples. Browse Mehndi Categories for more amazing Henna Designs or click the Artwork Image Links below.
The Mehndi Designs given below are also entered in our Henna Mehndi Competition. The Gallery can be viewed in Internet Explorer & Firefox with 1024 * 768 Screen Resolution. More Artwork Mehndi Designs will be added soon including Henna Tatto

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Henna Art (also known as Mehndi in Indian

Henna Art (also known as Mehndi in Indian continent and some middle eastern counties) is 5000 years old art, which is now known as history of India. Henna art aka “Mehndi” is done on a specific body part, usually on palm, fore hands and lower legs, hairs using power of Henna leaves. Henna plant is commonly found in hot and dry regions such as Middle Eastern countries and India. Henna bush is harvested, dry and converted into power. Henna power is mixed with water and applied on the body part for short period of time. Removing this solution leaves dark brown or orange-red color on your skin, which is generally last for few days. Henna paste is also applied for hair treatment, rash relief and skin conditioner to name few. Henna art is very popular among women from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries on a popular occasion such as Wedding and engagement. At A2Z beauty salon, our henna art specialist do traditional designs and intricate patterns that takes women beauty to the next level. We also have developing Henna tattoo that is very commonly used to get the visual feeling before making permanent tattoos on the skin.

Mehndi tattoo for Wedding BRIDE

e are expert in Applying Henna / Mehndi tattoo for Wedding BRIDE, Baby shower, Birthday / Bachelorette parties, Pregnancy, Girls Night, Body Art, Fun or any other corporate events.
We have total 8 years of experience in Bridal Mehndi. We use traditional Indian Mehndi and our rates are very reasonable.
You can also choose any design you want and our timings are also very flexible according to your convenience.
We serve in Portland / Beaverton / Tigard / Hillsboro and nearby areas in Oregon (OR).
For an appointment,

hat is activated with 99

mporary water-based, FDA compliant hypo-allergenic professional theatrical make-up / face & body paints are forumulated for use on the skin. Professional grade Face & Body Paints are easily removed with gentle soap, warm water and a washcloth. Designs will stay on -- until you wash 'em
A design is hand-painted on your skin with a brush of vibrant, colorful, high-pigmentated ink that is activated with 99% isopropyl alcohol. BIC temp tattoos are water tolerant, they last 3-5 days and are easily removed with 70%isopropl alcohol. Men & boys particularly like BIC temp tattoos because the black ink is very opaque and the tattoos look real. (Pool-friendly, water tolerant, you can swim or shower in them and your the BIC temp tattoos won’t come off!)
A design is hand-painted on your skin with a brush of vibrant, colorful, high-pigmentated ink that is activated with 99% isopropyl alcohol. BIC temp tattoos are water tolerant, they last 3-5 days and are easily removed with 70%isopropl alcohol. Men & boys particularly like BIC temp tattoos because the black ink is very opaque and the tattoos look real. (Pool-friendly, water tolerant, you can swim or shower in them and your the BIC temp tattoos won’t come off!)design is hand-painted on your skin with a brush with a Latex-free formulated for skin acrylic adhesive (skin glue). A fine-grade cosmetic polyester glitter (LOTS of colors to choose from) is applied on the design for a fantastic & fun sparkling tattoo. Glitter tattoos last for between 3-5 days, remove easily with baby oil and 70% isopropl alcohol. (Pool-friendly, water tolerant, you can swim or shower and your beautiful temp tattoos won’t come off
so known as Mehndi, is the ancient art of body painting with a paste made from powdered leaves from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis) and natural ingredients of fresh citrus, essential oils and sugar. Henna paste is used to draw designs on the skin, much like a cake decorator uses frosting to decorate a cake. As a natural cosmetic, Henna originated in the Middle East and North Africa and is used by a wide variety of cultures and ethnic groups for celebrations including weddings, holidays, and coming-of-age rituals. Henna tattoos can last between 1-3 weeks if you follow your after-care instruction

ehndi (also known as Mehendi

ehndi (also known as Mehendi or Mendhi) is an ancient India Body Art. Intricate ethnic or contemporary designs and exotic patterns are applied using Henna to various parts of the body (traditionally applied to the hands and feet of women) to prepare them for special ceremonies.
A large design will take normally 30 to 45 minutes. Small designs 15 to 30 minutes. Some very large designs can take hours. Henna Tattoos work by staining the epidermis (upper layer of your skin) and they gets darker over the next two days and then gradually fades away as your body regenerates it’s epidermis.
Thus traditional Henna Tattoo take time to develop and reach their best color 12-48 hours after application, depending on skin type. So if you want your Henna Tattoo for going out on Friday Night, you might need