Tuesday, November 17, 2009

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edding is an elaborate affair in India, comprising of a large number of rituals, customs and traditions. One of the important rituals, especially in context of the bride, comprises of 'Mehndi' (commonly known as henna). As a part of this ritual, the powder of henna leaves is mixed with water (and many-a-times, oil and lemon juice as well), to form a paste. This paste is then applied on the hands as well as the feet of the bride, in the form of intricate patterns. The henna is removed only after the design dries off completely. However, the bride cannot wash her hands and feet with stooned with dark red colour and if that is not your inclination then still apply it - Just for fun! Get your hands feet decorated with varied designs and patterns by many of the Mehndi experts you will find sitting in every busy market, or go for your own designs every where on your body and check how creative are you. This is the most upcoming activity that is painless and moreover, very cheap. Thanks to Henna leaves that have herbal properties, which guardians the safety for this Indian tattoo. Though it is a customary activity during an Indian wedding, today it has also become symbolic for every other festival, cultural events and functions. Take your pick from Arabic patterns or Rajasthani style, but the key mantra for applying this colorful culture is - Patience. The longer it is kept on the hand, the better the color. This fashionable art form when applied on any body part will increase your presentability and will give a new look and glow. Be patient as there will be a great surprise for you, watch these blackish motifs transform into a glazed red color. The most popular motifs that you would like to see imprinted on your body will definitely be the paisleys and peacocks, while you should also try the traditional designs, that are always a hit. There is a very interesting legend also attached to it. It is said that the intensity of the Mehndi color on your hands is reflective of the amount of love your husband has for you. So do not think anymore! Grade the love of your beloved as per the census of the mehndi on your hands but remember - do not be too judgmental!water, for the next 12 hours at least, to r5

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