Saturday, August 28, 2010

Heena 2010 Mehndi Designs 2010, Eid mehndi

Design Arabic Mehndi wedding, and there are different types of patterns that make Arabic Mehndi rounds as Mehndi wedding.

Although application of the concepts of Western patterns of the Arabic language, and once for the bride in Mehndi, Mehndi Designs today traditional require a lot of good work and likes demand.
 Other Mehndi design make rounds have a flower in Mehndi bride with intricate details, Leith and almost anything that is not traditional. Muslim trend seems rock Mehndi green.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mehandi Design,Heena Designs,Indian Mehandi,Pakistani Mehandi

On this occasion, and a graphic designer or some relative's Mehndi henna for the bride, and the Avenue of the Stars of the hands and feet.

There are several places in India, a ritual, the first theme of the bride Mehndi or henna is, is the Avenue of Stars, migraine, and some parts of the first issue of Mehndi auspicious in the case of the bride, Star or Street.

Arabic Mehndi Designs, New Arbi Mehndi Designs, Arabic Bridal

Therefore, it has a festive, with women's traditional dance, singing songs of ceremony Mehndi.

Bride wore colorful clothing, jewelry and light. According to custom, can not for the bride can not get out of the house after the mehendi ceremony until the wedding day. It is believed that in the will, and the deepest dark henna stains more than the husband and father of the bride of her love.

Heena 2010 Mehndi Designs 2010, Eid mehndi, Shadi Mehndi, party

Assam, with the exception of marriage is used, women are married Rongali bihu (without restrictions on marriage).

Sexual partners and use of Mehndi by the Prophet Muhammad in his place with history and popularity and acceptance among Muslims. Arab countries like Morocco, and several other countries in Central Asia, which is used in a particular case. This is the seventh month of pregnancy, children, marriage .