Thursday, November 19, 2009

wearing mehndi. Madonna created

rities to be seen wearing mehndi. Madonna created quite a stir at the MTV awards function, when she turned up with mehndi all over her body. The adoption of mehndi magic by Western models, musicians, and movie stars (including Naomi Campbell and Drew Barrymore) has led to mehndi tattoos becoming a white-hot fashion trend. Now it is not just hands and feet that are adorned, but also the arms, neck, back and navel. The magic is no longer confined to just women - men sport mehndi tattoos too. The traditional reddish-brown color has been enhanced by a variety of shades (contrasts of black, red and maroon) and glitters (highlights of gold, silver or copper). Best of all, no longer is mehndi reserved for occasions like weddings

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