Thursday, November 19, 2009

Middle-Eastern and Indian brides, it

r Middle-Eastern and Indian brides, it is considered to be good luck; the darker the mehndi design is, the longer it lasts. These intricate mehndi designs are applied to the bride and her female friends and family. It is said that the darker the mehndi design, the more love her in-laws will have for her and the stronger the marriage will be. Also, as long as the mehndi design is on the bride's hand, she will not be asked to do any housework. Applying lemon juice to the mehndienna is also popular because of the benefits for the body; it has a cooling and calming effect on the body and mind, not only for the person receiving the mehndi design, but also for the person designing it. Henna is thought to have other "healing" properties as well and has been widely used to treat a variety of disorders such as dandruff, skin lesions, burns, etc. It could be thought to be beneficial because of the natural in afterward can also help you achieve a darke

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