Sunday, February 13, 2011

Modren Mehndi Designs

Modren henna designs, which also «'mehendi is referred to as temporary modren is a form of popular wedding venue. The creative design, the Koran, and henna tattoo paste is known to use, powdered leaves, which Lawsonia, henna plant was indomitable. Henna dye, Lawson, blends well with keratin in henna and henna tattoo traditional fingernails.Although called a complex and carefully drawn, but hand and foot, and applications of modern henna body samples as done anywhere Can. Compare dajvatsknere, henna does not use the full range of colors, but red and brown colors to use. When applied to the Koran, it is skin color for a few hours. Stain gradually fades, when he was on the skin. Rosemary dajvatsknere days or months how they are used and maintained based on the past can.

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