Friday, February 11, 2011

Heena Mehndi Design

Currently, the most common method of application of cone and jacquard bottles or henna henna paste. However, plastic spread, a small cone like a hole in the final selection of decorated cakes made from pipes to the users a great tool. More beautiful and wonderful event can help to design lines. Henna is ready for the pipe, the method of the pot, the Qur'an provides an easy way to apply, but the time that Rosemary, professional artists, forms a smooth consistency and a lack of paste are designed to prevent if these components are added.

There is no way to describe a third party, but a more generous application form stencil henna henna paste and the distribution of Al, that's the whole point is to develop a set pattern. What tools or more lines and a thin line of action, or prayer is beneficial for the Natural and pick up the phone, and link stitch, activate a cone from the Quran, the needle hole in the main good, toothpicks, as well as the Quran be used is.

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