Friday, February 11, 2011

Arabic henna temporary body art painted on hands or feet

Arabic henna temporary body art painted on hands or feet with henna paste shows. Paste dye that leaked into the skin and left a few days. And painted intricate designs on traditional Indian bride and Arabic. Color dark fortunate to future spouses.

Arabic Quran location, and the main difference between other types of samples. Arabic Quran unnecessary uses arm and leg on only one side open area with bold flower design. Mehndi or henna on the lid crushable plastic bottle with a narrow tip cone can be applied with the paste.

Henna powder, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil, mugs, spoons, mehndi design, telephone, hot water, tea bags (black tea)

Soft purple pen machine bowl, wash tip and missing a research paper, applications, roll on deodorant

Study Arabic through the study of henna

Step 1

Examples of projects Quran, Arabic, Hindi to study ("context" view).
Step 2

Please note that the Quran, with complex design projects in India to fill the middle of the big picture. Indian Wedding - a view leaves the skin. Indian henna motifs such as the peacock and human figures, is used.
Step 3

We believe that the Arab position than not have a sample of skin is involved, and as long as the Indian wedding. Examples of the performance of the Indian Ocean pattern billion left over skin. Arabic henna flower decorations, not animal and human figures are usually used mainly.
Step 4

Please note that the Indian sample consists of many small forms, and Arabic henna design filled in with all the key areas are a large number of forms, please. In many cases form the great Indian wedding scene, instead of a color pattern.
Step 5

»Buy Henna: Henna or eternal art" library is an example of feel. This is a useful reference for the application of traditional henna, and contains information about ornamentation and symbols were different.
Arabic henna before

Step 1

Henna Design "feedback" and prints found on. You paint, wash with soap and water needs. Soft latov dry completely.
Step 2

Copy paper with a pen designed with space for washing. This will be the guide for the application of henna. Drawing hand, and a laundry pen on tracing paper to avoid wave design, the skin will be tattooed on where to apply a roll on deodorant. In the region to search for missing, and down, and press gently sign. Wait about two minutes before gently peeling away the paper. Transfer the design from paper to skin.
Step 3

Two or more bags, hot water mug. Dark for 15 minutes until tea quickly, to allow. Development of henna powder in a bowl about 10 oil and eucalyptus add drops of lemon juice each. Tea spoon and stir until the paste is thin.
Step 4

Paste in a bar spoon. Trace the outline of an industrial design with paste. Color of the leaves and flowers, can be filled in completely with paste or just detect settings. Allow paste to dry overnight. Not wet dough.
Step 5

Soft and clean piece of dry paste. Henna designs on dark skin should quit. If the industrial design is not dark enough, apply paste between overnight.

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