Saturday, February 26, 2011

Mehndi Hand Design 2011

Mehendi (henna) application steps for

1. Henna paste on the Quran fluently screening, to make dry / powder to remove any debris and hot tea or coffee and mustard oil as long as the soil packages, adding that the henna mix.

2. After pasting the plastic cone is the keyhole, ready to take the right end. Rubber Group with the end in a big way and tie molding paste in a cone.

3. A cone right hand and gently press dough on the palm and start making patterns.

4. Pahpanerwv palm horizontal and the other engraved and paste it dry.

5. Fire to the left for hot and long as it takes to reach deep stains.

6. When almost dry, a piece of cotton in sugar and lemon solution of DAB and red-brown tint, which can last for weeks to correct the mistakes of design apply lightly.

7. After 2-4 hours wash your hands with ordinary water.

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