Friday, August 20, 2010

Mehndi henna for the bride

The ceremony, the bride is held primarily in the Avenue of Stars, and sometimes in one place or the eve of the banquet hall, wedding reception or wedding, a few days ago. On this occasion, and a graphic designer or some relative's Mehndi henna for the bride, and the Avenue of the Stars of the hands and feet. There are several places in India, a ritual, the first theme of the bride Mehndi or henna is, is the Avenue of Stars, migraine, and some parts of the first issue of Mehndi auspicious in the case of the bride, Star or Street.

Henna for Mehndi or the subject of not only the worship of the bride, and it embodies the transformation of their monster of a virgin girl to her husband. Since all of the Kama, is the art of henna from 64 women. Mehndi designs popular wedding is conchshell, flowers, Kalash, the peacock, and the development of Dali bars. Complex patterns of Hannah bride also hide her husband, and the name of Avenue of the Stars. It is said that her husband, Avenue of Stars in the name of the complex patterns of henna to the bridegroom, who name was found in the bride, and the Avenue of the Stars mehendi as evidence of his eyes and sharp positive gestures.

And is usually regulated Sangeet Mehndi function function. Therefore, it has a festive, with women's traditional dance, singing songs of ceremony Mehndi. Bride wore colorful clothing, jewelry and light. According to custom, can not for the bride can not get out of the house after the mehendi ceremony until the wedding day. It is believed that in the will, and the deepest dark henna stains more than the husband and father of the bride of her love. Ceremony, mehendi, a symbol of power and authority to "love marriage, is considered a good sign for those interested in the bride. Some say that the bride from mehendi to maintain the long-term, more suitable for its future.

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