Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoy and feel of the design Hina

Wedding Hina,  Oh, it's time to enjoy and feel of the design Hina wedding first. Basically, it is wonderful and elegant feeling, and the bride is the bride made of palm. Today, there are back of the hand to fashion design. This is a very important one is the bride in her hands Mehndi at least. Betel nut and nut holding the bride in her palm, and handed over to her groom.

Therefore, it is important that the groom, and hand stamped with the Avenue of Stars Mehndi. Some in the design is correct and there are many known wedding ancient and symbolic associations, such as peacocks, musical instruments, and coconut, and pictures of the bride and groom.

Mehndi or henna itself a friend of the environment. This is a natural tattoo paste, made from henna plant roots. Mehndi is the land green fine paste. Mehndi is an important part symbolic wedding in India. Mehndi also change its color from green to red and orange after the application, as did the bride spent a married woman.

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