Friday, May 28, 2010

Mehndi or henna paste

Three traditional, it seems that the Pakistani girl in a busy Mehndi. The Pakistani culture, especially during a wedding apart uni or not! Day two of the drivers arrested Mehndi Henna or twice the bride and groom into the case.

The Mehndi is the bride, with nice people midst art set, produced by the payment of Mehndi or henna paste. Henna is a plant, the leaves are on the bottom with a thick paste. Create temporary tattoos party to deep orange or rusty red.

Pakistan seems glamorous bride is a real application Mehndi. We have a large number of Mehndi in the future, let's now a wonderful way seems pretty ladies!

Mehndi Party considers it a social gathering before an Indian-Pakistani weddings. Mehndi collection consisted mainly of the family of the bride of the seven largest property until the actual wedding, and to the friends and relatives who ask for Mehndi, henna, is famous for its addition to the bride's hands, feet and body. I think very positively to the hands and feet of the bride in Henna / Mehndi and decorate traditionally the groom and the CR on the palms of the bride's hand written.

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