Saturday, May 29, 2010

Arabic Mehndi Design

Arabic Mehndi Temporary refers to a man who painted his hands and feet of art, henna paste investment. Pasta is the pigment that penetrates the skin and there are a large number of days. Complex pattern is painted mainly in India and the Arab bride. Dark colors are less effective and some lucky future.

The main differences between Arab and Mehndi several kinds of patterns. Arabic Mehndi so bold flower patterns to provide open space for one and one half of the hands and feet. Mehndi paste can be used in the middle of henna Cone deformable plastic bottle or the middle of the narrow tip of hat.

Henna powder, lemon juice, eucalyptus oil, cup, spoon, Mehndi design language, hot water, tea packs (black tea)

Soft-tip pen green underwear, Bowl, transparent paper, applicator, roll-on deodorant

Learn Arabic Mehndi Research

Step 1

In cases other than Arabic, and Indian Mehndi Design (see "Links").
Step 2

Note: Indian Mehndi designs are very difficult to sample filled in the best image. Indian Mehndi leaves the skin a small amount of indicator. Indian Mehndi uses images of peacocks, and they want one.
Step 3

Find out which models of the Arab side of the extra themselves, and not because the Indian Mehndi skin. Arabic-level models can be skin, unlike the Indian design. Arabic Mehndi mainly consists of images of flowers, animals and human figures are used.
Step 4

Note: The Indian model of several forms as well as a strong well-equipped Arabic projects include various forms of the major cities much a lot of power around her. Indian Mehndi big picture is often through the development of relatively stable in contrast color.
Step 5

Buy "Mehndi: Art of classical imitation, or henna painting will appear in your library. This is a certificate from a traditional henna news and information program on how to be a kind of imagery and symbols.
Learn Arabic Mehndi by

Step 1

Mehndi Design Find print section "References" and. Wash area with soap and water painted. Dry and soft tissue investment.
Step 2

Copy and paste the paper design nice underwear in the region of Peru. This should be the criteria to use henna. To freehand, tracing paper, track design, which offers laundry pen, then set the roll-on deodorant on the skin, which will be a tattoo. Buy track down paper in the field of signal, imposes a fine. Wait for two seconds before gently peeling paper. Planned to transfer design on paper, with the skin.
Step 3

Place two teabags or add a cup of hot water. I would like tea too expensive for almost 15 minutes, until it is dark. Do not give the henna powder in the cup, and 10 drops each of eucalyptus oil and lemon juice. And the tea spoon, stir until a thin paste is formed.
Step 4

Time paste applicator. Trace outline of design paste. Dying leaves and flowers, you can complete the full installation, or simply follow the outline. Let paste dry overnight. Do not add wet.
Step 5

Smear paste and soft, dry cloth. He will be able to leave the dark design on the skin. If the proposal is not bold enough to re-set at night.

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