Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our weddings are not boring, as anyone

traditional Indian wedding is one that lasts for many days. We have perhaps the most flamboyant and colorful weddings, which in my opinion, are not ached by any other community or society in the world. Whereas the an average European wedding have no more than an average of 75 cards printed, we have an average of a whopping 300 cards per wedding per side. i.e. 300 from the brides side and 300 from the grooms side! (by the way the most cards we have printed for one wedding was 1250 cards! - from the boys side) And when we get married we do not usually invite just a handful of selected people, we invite everyone and in some cases anyone!

Our weddings are not boring, as anyone who has ever attended an Indo/Pakistani will tell you, it is one big party, full of color song and dance, lasting over many days and in some cases weeks. The last four to five days leading up to the wedding day itself are all planned and organized with a whole array of activities on each of the evenings. We have many delightful and tasteful dishes on our menus preparation for which starts many days before the big day itself.
Many of our wedding traditions have now been taken up by the European or Western communities, such the decorating the house with lights and decorations a few days before the wedding, elaborate decoration of the wedding vehicle, be it a limousine, a Rolls Royce or a horse-carriage, and of course not forgetting the application of Mehndi or Henna on the hands and feet, (and sometimes on many other place!) of all involved in the wedding.
Mehndi is not synonymous with the Western wedding but is now huge business in the Western world with the likes of Madonna, Darryl Hanna, Prince and Demi Moore to name just a few who have been seen in public with Mehndi tattoos on parts of

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