Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Henna Art (also known as Mehndi in Indian

Henna Art (also known as Mehndi in Indian continent and some middle eastern counties) is 5000 years old art, which is now known as history of India. Henna art aka “Mehndi” is done on a specific body part, usually on palm, fore hands and lower legs, hairs using power of Henna leaves. Henna plant is commonly found in hot and dry regions such as Middle Eastern countries and India. Henna bush is harvested, dry and converted into power. Henna power is mixed with water and applied on the body part for short period of time. Removing this solution leaves dark brown or orange-red color on your skin, which is generally last for few days. Henna paste is also applied for hair treatment, rash relief and skin conditioner to name few. Henna art is very popular among women from Middle Eastern and South Asian countries on a popular occasion such as Wedding and engagement. At A2Z beauty salon, our henna art specialist do traditional designs and intricate patterns that takes women beauty to the next level. We also have developing Henna tattoo that is very commonly used to get the visual feeling before making permanent tattoos on the skin.

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