Wednesday, February 17, 2010

enna or Mehendi decoration and application

enna or Mehendi decoration and application is an ancient practice in India, Africa and The Middle East. Girls and women are the ones who generally use henna for beautification. This becomes a different affair during ceremonies, like marriage and other festivals.

The various figures, geometry and patterns symbolize their fertility, womanhood and nature. Henna (or 'Mehendi', the Indian namfe) is made from the henna plant (Lawsonia Inermis). The leaves of the plant are dried and ground. The powder is mixed with water and various spices and oils to get a fine paste that is then applied to the skin. Once it hardens and peels off, it leaves an exotic reddish brown color on the skin.

You can get henna at an Indian Store or on the internet. Remember though, to get a packet from the latest batch. With just one packet of henna, you'll make enough paste for two dozen application or more.

Check out my henna recipe at

Before application make sure the skin is clean, dry and not oily with moisturizer or sun block lotion. If you want to color your nails too, remove nail polish from them. Be sure if you want your nails covered with henna because it will last long on nails. You can however get around with this by using nail polish again !

Palms, feet and foot soles take henna very well and stay longer. You may apply henna with a small stick, cone or a plastic appllicator-similar to a syringe but without any needle !
Symmetric and geometric shapes work best. Don't make the lines too thin, the color won't come on to your skin v

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