Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How to Apply Mehndi

Can make your own powder by drying henna leaves in shade. It may take several weeks for them to dry a sharp and you have to grind them thoroughly. You can also buy henna powder from the market.

Going ....
A henna powder is filtered through a thin cloth.
2 also strongly intense color of tea.
3 Eucalyptus oil (few drops).
4 Stress tap fruit.
5th Street (one tablespoon).

Take the henna powder in a bowl, add the tea till it becomes a thick paste (similar to a powder.) Adding eucalyptus oil, sugar and lemon juice and mix well to make it a smooth and thin paste.
Leave it covered over night or day if you wish to apply at night.

Make a cone ....
Make thick asphalt or use any thick freezer bag - cut it in the form rectange 7 "x 4". Twist one corner of the cover to create a cone. Tightening the nose to make small holes. Hold the tip and fill the pasta and the last tie closely with a broader theme.

You can also fill in the cap from the market.

Let your imagination fly ...
Now Playing. What you draw is beautiful and is a masterpiece in itself.

Remember ....
You should leave the mehendi to dry on the skin and keep it as long as possible (4-6 hours if possible - you can also go to bed with him). After shaving. The color will become deeper if you let it be affected by water in 4-6 hours. A deep color may last up to two weeks. It varies from person to person.

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