Sunday, January 31, 2010

Henna, also known as Mehndi

Henna, also known as Mehndi, is a brown paste, that when applied to the skin leaves a rich auburn semi permanent stain that lasts for many days, and sometimes, weeks. It used to be that henna was only used in cultural, or religious ceremonies. Nowadays, people all over the world incorporate henna into their special events. Henna is mostly applied to the hands, feet, nape, back, shoulders, etc. basically anywhere you would put a regular tatoo. Typically, henna designs are lacy, geometric, floral & bold. The paste is kept on the skin for about 4 to 6 hours in order to ensure a bold, rich & long lasting stain. For an elegant Throughout the wedding festivities, the bride's sisters will attempt to steal and hide the groom's shoes. The groom must gift them with money and jewelry, should he desire to get them back and go home with his bride. The responsibility is placed on the groom's brothers and friends to protect his shoes so his wallet isn't emptied. The groom's family has yet to win at a Wadehra wedding

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