Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mehndi Design

Eid is an significant Muslim Festival; it is comparable to Christmas and New Year in western countries. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for are for the most part worn by women to beautify themselves and to celebrate Eid. Mehndi Designs or tattoos for Eid are substantial for women. However, it is not one and only for Eid at which women use mehndi designs or tattoos.Because Eid is critical to Muslims, properties need to check magnificent within Eid. However, mehndi designs and tattoos are not limited to Eid. Weddings, Engagements, subsequent to experiencing a baby and family get-togethers are additionally reasons for women to wear mehndi designs and tattoos. Any fundamental occurence in Muslim is a grounds for women to wear mehndi designs or tattoos.

In weddings, mehndi designs are intricately placed in women’s hands, feet, forearms and shins. In larger amount of Muslim countries, nonetheless bridegrooms wear mehndi design in such a hand and feet. Mehndi design is a excellent way of dressing up for Muslims.

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